Claiming Compensation for Missed Connection Flights

Everyday there are thousands of people who have to catch more than one flight to reach their final destination. Not only does this happen for long haul flights, many people have to catch more than one flight to go shorter distances.

Many people stress when having to catch more than one flight to reach their destination, worrying about the endless possibilities that could go wrong; What if the flight is delayed? What if the baggage doesn’t arrive? What if there are problems checking in? etc. there are so many factors to smooth travels . . . or not so smooth!

Thanks to the Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004, you have the rights to claim compensation from the moment you miss a connecting flight for the delay and or cancelation of your first flight.

A connection flight is a flight that supersedes an initial flight, normally each with a different flight number, to reach your final destination. For example; a flight from Glasgow to Sal, Cabo Verde; there are no direct flights, therefore the first flight is Glasgow to Birmingham and the connecting flight is Birmingham to SAL.

On many occasions and without pre warning, flights are cancelled due to bad weather at the next airport, technical difficulties on the first flight, control tower delays and other such issues. If you have been delayed for any of these reasons and qualify under regulation EC 261, you could be eligible for up to €600.

Compensation can only be claimed if you are either taking off or landing at an airport within the EU along with one of the following;

· A 3 hour (or more) flight delay
· Flight Cancellation
· Denied Boarding

Other points to remember when looking at the time delay on a flight;

· Always remember that the decision to pay compensation is made on the length of delay which occurred, causing the missed connection.

· Your ticket must be booked under the same booking reference, ie, both flights should be booked as one complete reservation.

Flight companies will argue that they are only able to pay out on issues that are within their control. There are many reasons why you may not be eligible for compensation, such as;

· Extreme weather conditions
· Airport staff strikes
· Air traffic control strikes
· Air traffic control restrictions
· Acts of terrorism

If airport staff strikes have been announced and the airline decides to carry on, they must compensate all passengers themselves if the flight is delayed or cancelled.

To sum up this article; If you have booked your flight, under one reservation usually with a single reference number and your connection flight is with a different airline, you are still eligible to claim compensation. After a 2 hour delay the airline are obliged to provide snacks and refreshments. Never be blind sighted when you are offered meal and travel vouchers from the airline, this is not your compensation.

See below our compensation breakdown:

Distance Vs Compensation Due

All Flights of 1,500 km or less                                                 €250
All internal EU flights of more than 1,500 km                     €400
All non internal EU flights between 1,500 & 3,000 km.    €400
All non international EU flights of more than 3,500 km   €600