Our Latest Victories

At Lansdown Financial we work closely with our clients and their finance and/or credit providers, to get the best amount of compensation back in respect of their purchases made from timeshare resorts. This normally includes any interest and maintenance fees pertaining to the ownership. We have had many successful wins for our clients; here are just a few examples:

One of our Silverpoint clients has recently won a whopping £127,000 in a successful compensation claim, for a mis-sold timeshare through Barclays Partner Finance.

  • A generous positive ruling via the Financial Ombudsman against Barclays Partner Finance for a Maltese ownership totalling approximately £22,000 has been received by our client.
  • We have now had 5 successful wins against GE Money for our client has been achieved after proving that their worldwide timeshare resort, Club la Costa, were not fair in their initial finance agreement negotiations.
  • Compensation was achieved by negotiation directly with another world-wide resort chain for our client totalling £3,850.
  • We successfully recovered compensation from M&S finance for our client, who owned at Village Heights Golf Resort, after the bank considered our presentation that on balance of probability a claim may exist.
  • £21,160 has been successfully recovered for our client against another worldwide timeshare Resort; Diamond Resorts.
  • £7,912 won from Lloyds bank for misrepresentation for our client who purchased a Diamond Resorts timeshare.
  • Our client, a Mayan Palace owner, has received £12,972 in compensation from Lloyds bank for misrepresentation and breach of our client’s contract.
  • A win against Lloyds Bank for our client has been achieved after proving that their worldwide timeshare resort, points system Infiniti Points, were not fair in their initial finance agreement negotiations.