Submitting a compensation claim against your airline

There are many different reasons why you may have had to claim compensation against your flight company. You may have been delayed, which could have caused you to miss a connection flight, your flight may have been cancelled, you could have been denied boarding, due to overbookings by the flight company.

Whatever the reason for your claim, there is a time limit in which you should receive any compensation monies owed to you.

When receiving a compensation claim, the amount of time in which you should receive it can vary. This depends highly on how long it takes the airline to accept your claim. Most airlines answer your claim within 2 to 3 days, others may not give an answer for 4 to 6 weeks. You then have those airlines where you never receive an answer!

Any claim company will be pushing for answers from the airlines and in the worst case scenario, the longest cases could be anything from six months to one year.

You may find that once you have out in a claim against an airline, they could well contact you. The reason the do this is because they may want to try and persuade you to to accept a reduced offer. What ever you get told over the phone you should not accept without first speaking to your claim company.

It could be a few days, even weeks before you hear anything from your compensation company, you shouldn’t be worried, as they will be awaiting on their answers from the airline company. If there is any update on your claim, you will be informed straight away, whether this be a telephone call or via email. This depends on the details that your claim company have for you. Generally if you do not hear from your flight company it will be because there has been no news that they can give you. If you do need peace of mind on what is happening with your claim, then never hesitate to give them a call to make sure that they are doing their utmost to push your claim through as quickly as possible.

There may be times when your claim company hears nothing back from the airline, after weeks of constant requests. If this happens there is a chance that you claim company will take your claim for legal assessment where they can potentially take the airline to court. Most of the time these cases do not end up in court as the airline would prefer to pay out what they owe than going through the hassle of a court case.

If your claim company receive notice from the airline to say that your claim has been rejected, don’t be disappointed! Your claim company can pass your claim to a legal assessor to be seen in a courtroom. Regularly, once a case like this hits the court it can open up different opportunities for compensation claims.

Unfortunately, you won’t always be given a reason for the rejection of your claim. If this happens your claim company should treat the case as if there has been no response from them at all. This again will be handed over to legal assessors.

If your airline refunds you money for your cancelled, or delayed flight, do not accept this as compensation. Under the EC 261, your airline should provide you with both a refund and compensation. If you are offered this from your airline, more than likely you will be asked to sign some kind of a waiver to ask you to forfeit your compensation claim against them. Anything like this should be put through your claim company first, as you could be putting yourself out of a decent pay out.

There have been times where clients have received their compensation claims from their airlines, however they may have only received part of their claim, not the full amount they were expecting. If you were offered a different flight time, or reroute, that you accepted at the time of departure, there is a chance that the airline has taken this in account and reduced the amount of your compensation pay.

Whenever you are dealing with a compensation company, be sure to keep in contact with them. If you do receive calls, emails or other correspondence from the airline, without answering, pass it straight on to your compensation claim company and let them do the hard work for you. At the end of the day, most people don’t want to settle. You should receive what is owed to you.

If you would like help claiming against a flight company that you have had issues with, do not hesitate to call us on 01483 478 251 and speak to one of our Claims Handlers.