Timeshare Compensation

Timeshare Compensation

Were you mis-sold?

There are many ways in which you may have been mis-sold.

The most common successful claims are for:

  • Were you told that your purchase was an investment?
  • Were you originally told that exchanges were easily obtainable
    but since found out that was untrue?
  • Have your management fees increased way beyond the rate of inflation?
  • Was it explained that your family could become liable to take over the contract if something happened to you?
  • Did you sign a purchase agreement that could possibly be illegal?
  • Were promises made to you, that you later found to be untrue?
  • Were you forced into upgrading your timeshare?
  • Did you buy your timeshare on finance?
  • Were you later charged hidden fees?

Refer to our full list of misrepresentation reasons on our table.

What we do

We review all facts and documents you have concerning a current timeshare or ex-timeshare you feel you were mis-sold.
We manage the entire claim process for you and ensure that you get back any monies you may be owed.

Refer to the full Journey of Your Claim