What should you expect as compensation from your airline?

Generally, when your flights have been delayed and or cancelled, the airline kindly offers you vouchers for food, and or accommodation. As a passenger do not be fooled by what you think is the airlines kindness, why settle for vouchers that have expiry dates and limitations, rather than cash in your pocket?

Stated in the EU Regulations, any flights that have been delayed or cancelled should be paid in actual money. This can be paid either, in cash, electronic bank transfer, bank orders or cheques. If you, as the passenger decide to accept vouchers as a compensation payment, you will have to sign an agreement, as this will then be in place of monetary compensation.

If no agreement is signed by the passenger to confirm that you are willing to accept vouchers as a compensation claim, you are under no obligation to take and accept them and can go ahead and claim for compensation against your airline.

The EU Regulation 261/2004 was introduced in February of 2005, to enforce the rights of passengers who experience delays, cancellations and denied boardings. The law decided that airlines should pay their passengers a compensation for the loss of their holiday time and their inconvenience.

When looking to claim compensation against your airline you must be aware that this is an EU law, so this only applies to countries within the European Union. It doesn’t matter the nationality of the passenger, just as long as you are flying to or from an EU airport.

Passengers will be entitled to claiming monetary compensation on delays that are over 3 hours, and cancellations of flights that are not caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’. If you have been delayed by your airline, you have the right to their care and assistance programme which can be requested after a two hour delay, on flights that are up to 1500 km and flights that are delayed after 3 hours that are between 1500 km & 3500 km. If your flight has a 4 hour delay on a flight that is over 3500 km, you will then also be entitled to:

Food & Drink for your waiting time
Accommodation if you need an overnight stay
Transport to and from the airport if needed
Two telephone calls, faxes and emails

Any compensation claims that are payable under the EU 261 Regulation will be a fixed price according to the time delay and distance of the flight. Passengers can find out exactly what they should be entitled to, so if the airline offers you vouchers, you might want to weigh up the value of your vouchers before accepting them.

Vouchers generally have expiration dates and can be very limited and if you want to fly with the same airline next time using your vouchers, this route may no longer be available. If you are thinking about accepting vouchers as compensation from the airline, we here at Lansdown Financial suggest you think about your decision and what you could be entitled to as a suitable compensation claim.

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